Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 2

So, day one went well. I did not eat any cheese, except for the string cheese (it's allowed, remember?). My niece's birthday party was yesterday afternoon and I did eat a lot of carbs. I know I haven't made a goal to cut back on carbs, but I think I'm going to have to switch the kinds of carbs I eat. There is a very strong possibility that I have a gluten intolerance because I often don't feel well after eating things such as pasta, breads, and most things with wheat/gluten in them. Darn Irish genes!!! I already have stomach issues, so I'm going to try and switch over to gluten free products. I know Whole Foods and Wegmans carries gluten free products, but has anyone ever seen the pricing??? It's ridiculous. At least they are starting to make the products tastier.. good article here - So, it's something I'm going to have to put money aside for and make a shopping list. Hopefully this will help with the no energy/tired feeling I constantly have. Not much to post today, pretty tired today - stayed up too late watching the 2nd Transformers...Loved it.

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  1. Love all of your blogs especially the first one about Julia and Julie and how it inspires you. I just saw the movie and feel that the key for both of them was finding something they were passionate about. Boy if you are lucky to do that, it seems everthing else falls into place. Goals become easier and no one can really stand in your way because you simply won't let them! And isn't it so much easier to pick up and move forward once you have that goal-even if you fail at times. Keep "blogging"